Crossbreed Cycles

Crossbreed Cycles is completely made solely by one man and a genius named Chris barber. All the work from design, finishing, fabrication is done by a single man. The cycle parts consists of a 2.5 litre v6 engine , which was first manufactured in 1979 along with 156 bhp pumps .it has magnificent cut outs on the tank and six different pipes each of around four feet long .to keep the engines cool the crossbreed cycle has radiators for oil and water .the brake system of the crossbreed cycle comes from the Kawasaki which is another super bike .this things hangs out beautifully from the sides of the bike .Chris barber built bikes in different forms  which you will normally  do not see in a general bike and he used to mix and match the components and then fix the bike up. Chris built this bike for himself but when it was on road there was a demand which created its supply .you need to have big pockets if you want to own this bike. The motive of this bike is to be sleek and compact than all other bikes like the Alfa v6 which has an excellent engine and is in a bit mess with its accessory parts and belts hanging out .The v6 engine used in Crossbreed Cycles was designed by another genius called Guilio Alfiri and also designed Laverda V6 engine .the cylinder of the engine heads are thirteen inches long and has chains hanging out from the top of the head rather the end of the head , also the position of water and oil pumps makes the bike look compact .The crossbreed cycle has no external belts , chains or pulleys which are not visible except the final chain .

Crossbreed CyclesCrossbreed cycles are not ordinary cycles. these cycles are just made out of curiosity with mix and match of another cycle called the Ducati’s .A very distinct feature that crossbreed cycles have is that most of his bikes are not painted because Chris hates to paint them .the biggest challenge was to arrange belts and gear for the cycles head because the curve of the cycle was so steep that it dropping everything at an end .Cross breed cycles are very desirable bikes it has been a very old and reputed brand that every one craves for .It’s an extremely popular brand . These are not normal cycles but have really high performance, when you ride it you feel out of the world .riding a crossbreed cycle gives you a similar feeling that kids get on the eve of Christmas.

Let’s see some of the reason which makes crossbreed cycles desirable

1)    Speed: just by the look of crossbreed cycle you can make it out that the cycle is pretty fast .riding it thrills you completely. The younger generation is very fond of thrill and excitement which the crossbreed cycles will provide you easily .but if you are not a professional biker or the stunt man you cannot reach its maximum speed limit , it could be very dangerous .it’s known that the Crossbreed Cycles have zero to sixty miles speed per hour under three seconds .

2)     Design and style:-The style of the crossbreed cycle is completely unique and cannot be compared to any other cycle because this one is neither painted nor decorated , still it’s the most stylish cycle you can every buy .The high performance of engine brings life to the cycle as well as the design .These bikes can easily run for life time , the outer part might require some maintenance but the internal part stays strong and same forever .

3)    Crossbreed cycles groups: - Since the cycles marketing is very old they have created its goodwill and promoted it real well. It’s very popular among the youth; you can find groups and communities by crossbreed name. In fact they have also started distributing the merchandise which makes these cycles even more popular.

4)    Racing success: these cycles can be used for racing purpose like the Ducati bikes and Harley and the speed of the cycle is really going to take you far.